By Immanuel Oluj

As I meddle with vibrations I feel more in line with your energy; or your energies, your moods and ways that you shift.

The pull and push of gravitational tides.
Magnetically tied.
Spirituality, a newly found gift that has me connected to so many plains.

So, you don’t need to tell me twice in order for me to see life from your eyes when I already feel so one in the same.

As if our lifetimes we’re in parallel.

I never once imagined a day where we’d be separated and I’d be wallowing. Reminiscent of your ways, your waves.
How ultraviolet you were.

I’ve heard of indigo as an aura, but I swear down I saw indigo in the flesh. She was the embodiment of free spirited.

Free from rules and limitations.
Free from definitions and explanations.

An abstraction.

Where I would be left mesmerised tryna figure out the details. Reading between non-existent lines.

I almost got addicted to her euphoria.

We were in country lanes a break from this tempered city.
Where black crows turned into blue coated magpies and red chested robins.

We were in country lanes but I was lost in an indigo dream.

Unable to tap back into reality, sometimes it’s hell for me, because not all is sweet.
Sometimes the wind whispers sweet nothings into my ear and I believe, Nature’s scheme.

How do I grow from this?

Love. Love of two spirited individuals, but on the account of one.
The exploration of spirituality and closeness to one another is central to this piece, how they now live with regret realising the connection and energy the other individual brought to the relationship, how they felt light but grounded.
How they found an escape through this person.
Now they're lost because they became so caught up in the escape, the indigo dream, they never left.
Never to move on.
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