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Liam Grange

Artist Spotlight

Who are you and what do you do? 

I'm currently an aspiring photographer, I mainly work with portraiture and street photography as I find it's a good outlet and allows me to express emotions within my work.

What inspires you to make art? 

I think emotion drives me to make art, sometimes it's difficult to speak out to other people so it's nice to have another option as a way of reliving stress. I think why I do what I do also stems from wanting to leave something behind, I like the whole photo documentary aspect of things, and it plays a huge role in my work.

How & where have you spent Covid-19/lockdown?

I have spent lockdown primary inside networking and meeting new people, I remember walking around central London at the peak of corona and it was a real eye opener, it felt like something ripped straight out of a movie.

What inconvenient, uncomfortable, awkward work spaces have you been forced to take up in order to make work over the past year?

I have mainly been working from my room which was quite distracting, but I can't really complain.

What things from the past year would you like to see retained after the pandemic?

I would like to see the 2 meter rule carry on, I just like personal space in all honesty.

How has the pandemic affected your artistic practice, temporarily and permanently?

It's given me a new viewpoint on how much I took life for granted before the pandemic, I'm a lot more considerate and careful in what I do now.

And finally, what advice do you have for someone who's struggling to make art right now?

Just go for walks, that's what I do when I hit a creative dry patch, something may inspire you.

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