By Giorgia Boller

"I wanted to re-create something that is purely random, something where you wouldn't get the same image twice"

Through digital manipulation, this work explores realms of the random, mimesis, mundanity and analog vs digital art types. 
This exploration of manipulation creates an interesting discourse around tech, its purpose and ideas of 'glitching'. Often perceived as something going wrong, what happens when we frame these 'errors' through a fine art lens.
This is data captured visually, and for a second we remember there is much more to the devices, that have become a part of us, than the friendly interfaces that keep us sucked in. 
We are reminded of the power that 1s and 0s have over our identity, our memories and how we communicate. When our technology doesn't work as it should, for a second all of that is lost as is who we are. 
This artist has multiple works within this exhibition. 
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