Inner Child

By Lily Sophia Day

Some days I need to slow down and remember who I am.


I’ll walk in nature.

Listen to music.

Or just breathe for a moment.


It’s funny how we forget this sometimes.


We can become so lost in the rituals of normality that we morph into who we think we need to be, losing the essence of self.


Well, I do.


There is an inner child who had great plans of who I would be.

I wonder what she would think of who I have become.


She is excitable and free. Creative and eager. She wants to play.

There is a sparkle in her and mischievous side who comes out to cause chaos.


When did that girl start telling herself she was useless? That everyone was better than her and she would never be enough.

When did that girl turn into me?


We still hold our pen the same way despite numerous attempts to fix it.

We still long for bright red hair (I think that was the musical Annie’s fault)

We still love escaping to fantasy worlds though it is notably harder now to get there.


She is still here.
She is just very good at hide and seek these days.


I wish I could find her more often.

"I get stressed out very easily and tend to lose myself. I wrote this poem to remind myself to always come back to who I am at my core."
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